Saturday, July 25, 2009

She Work HARD for the Money???

Remember Donna Summer singing...
"She work hard for the hard for it honey...."?

Well, Donna was right. Since I left my 9-5 in April (refer to blog entitled Am I?, Feb '09) I have been on the G-R-I-N-D. 15-20 hour days, weekends and weeknights and I draw a measely $200 a week in salary. Lol! $200. I made more than that 2 days a week at my old job for just answering the phone. Yet, I appreciate this $200 so much more.

When everyone else around me is getting paid,
from the part-time graphic artist to the company that owns my machines I get an indescribable feeling of accomplish knowing that this company, that was started with my own two little (chubby) hands and crafted by the hands of the Master is my company. My business!

I am reminded of how blessed I am to have this opportunity to be able to call myself an Entre-Poor-Negro, I am working from the ground up so I can prepare myself for the "Come Up".

Business, is "booming" or dare I say picking up rapidly, and my Vision for the future isn't blocked by meager ends that bare to meet at times because I realize I'm helping build something that's so much more than "a successful company", I'm building a company that's all MINE that will be successful!

Donna also said:

It's a sacrifice working day to day
for little money
just tips for pay
But it's worth it all
just to hear them say that they care

She works hard for the money
so hard for it honey
she works hard for the money
so you better treat her right

Sometimes I don't even know if I get paid as much as a waitress does in tips, but I do know that my payoff is right around one of these corners I bend on a daily basis. With the phone ringing off the hook and those days that I don't know which way is right or left, you can be sure that every dime and every dollar I see is a dollar hard earned. Eventhough Donna was talking about a hooker she had the right idea, "she work hard for the money so you better treat her right."

They better treat me right, because one day, I may be able to offer them a job ;) !